A downloadable Escape Room for Windows and macOS

Escape Room the hospital.

The protagonist is kidnapped by six doctors who were withdrawn from the title in an attempt to experiment with humans, after this event they joined, and in recent years they have been dedicated to rapturing people who believe sufficiently qualified to pass their tests, tests that require mental agility and Intelligence, all this to get the brain "perfect" for its experiments.

Find the more of 30 enigmas, discover the 8 rooms and try to escape.

Install instructions

Unrar and open the exe file.


EscapeRoomTheHospital.rar 713 MB
EscapeRoomTheHospitalMAC.zip 804 MB


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Love the concept, but I had a lot of bugs happened to the point that I couldn't finish it. Any of the safes (outside of the first room) that I exit out of freezes the screen but I can still move, and when you go into the room you need the handle for it is all black with text along the side saying false. Please fix these game breaking bugs, this was on the MAC version. Thank you

Hey, thanks for the commet, I know that on Mac export there're some errors, that is a 1 month school work of 2 boys. The game made with unreal, for exporting on mac you need a mac and I have made the export like 1 week before finishing all the project and bug fixing. Sorry for that.

huge fan of escape games, this one is basic but kept me busy. i got stuck in the surgery room though... unlocked the safe in there and gathered all the paper pieces. the coded door in the room, i've spent ten minutes on. also haven't gotten the safe in the hallway open, in case i have to open that one first.. hint?